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How to Find the Best Gift Hand Pipes

When I think about giving out hand pipes, both as personal gifts and business gifts, I am reminded of the economics Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman’s classic analysis of gift giving. He said, when people give gifts, there are really four outcomes.

When you buy a gift using your own money and you give it to yourself, what happens? That’s right, you are looking to spend the right amount of money for the very best gift you can find. You’re very discriminating, you study all the options out there, and you try to fit it with what you know about your needs and preferences.

This is the most meticulous form of gift giving, and, obviously, produces the best value. You can bet that you are going to maximize the amount of value for every red cent you invest in whatever it is you are giving to yourself.

The second scenario involves using your own money to buy gifts for others. In this situation, you are going to watch the amount of money you spend, but you are also going to make sure that it fits the needs of other people. The level of discrimination and discernment you are going to be engaged in is going to be a little bit lower than if you’re giving a gift to yourself.

Still, there is a tremendous amount of attention to detail because you do not want to look bad in the eyes of the people you are giving a gift to. You don’t want to look like a cheapskate, you don’t want to look like somebody who truly doesn’t care about them, and you also don’t want to look like somebody who doesn’t care about quality.

The third scenario involves buying gifts using other people’s money, but giving the gift to yourself. In this situation, you would not hesitate to spend as much as possible to buy the most extravagant gift possible for yourself. After all, it’s not your money, so the sky’s the limit. That is going to be your mentality. If this sounds familiar, it should be because this is exactly the mentality of many politicians who suffer from corrupt conflict of interest issues.

Finally, there is the fourth scenario: using other people’s money to buy gifts to give to other people. In this situation, you really couldn’t care less how much money you spend because you’re not going to benefit anyway. It’s going to go to other people. According to this scenario, it’s not unusual for decision makers to buy the worst products while spending a tremendous amount of money, and nobody’s happy.

I raise this issue because if you are looking for the best gift hand pipes, you have to understand your focus. Who are you giving the gift to? Why are you giving the gift? How much money is involved? Is it truly your own money or are you pooling funds together?

Once you plug in your specific answers to these questions, then the scenario becomes clearer. It also spells out problematic areas. You become aware of tricky situations that you need to avoid.

It’s too easy to find yourself in a situation where you really don’t care about the other person that you’re giving a gift to, and you feel that the money that you are spending on the gift is “a loss item.” In other words, you have written it off. You have absolutely no emotional investment.

This is a serious problem because effective gift giving is all about building relationships. If it becomes apparent to the recipient of your gift that you couldn’t care less about them, how do you think the relationship would fare?

Here’s a hint, it’s not going to do all that well. What would probably happen is going to be an exchange of otherwise all too forgettable and oh so generic gifts. You’re just going through the motions.

The primary focus of preserving the relationship so it can lead to greater and greater business opportunities is simply forgotten. You just look at your annual gift budget as yet another cost item to run through your accountant, and nothing more. In other words, you miss the whole point.

Keep Milton Friedman’s analysis above in mind so you can avoid the pitfalls they identify. As much as possible, treat each and every gift you give, regardless of whether they are to rank and file customers or prized recipients, as reflections of your corporate values.

You have to remember that the iron rule of American and Western European business is that your competitors are always ready, willing and eager to eat your lunch. This is the cold, hard reality that you must face.

If you were to ignore this or to engage in some sort of wishful thinking, chances are, it’s only a matter of time until your business goes belly up. That’s right. The business you worked so hard for, the business that you invested a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears for is going to be in serious danger because you did not give out gift hand pipes the right way.

Now, you may be thinking that these are just hand pipes. You might be thinking that this is essentially just a throw away item because, hey, how difficult is it to get hand pipes or any other kind of pipe on the market?

If you are thinking along those lines, then you have completely missed the point. You have to focus on what you’d like to receive if you spent your own money. If you used this framework or perspective, then you increase the likelihood that you would be making a great impression with your gift.

It is a branding opportunity because if you make your customers happy and content with your service, either in the context of service provision or merchandise sales or gift giving, you become indispensable.

I know that sounds like a stretch, but believe me, who would you rather trust and do business with, somebody who has been giving you gifts that you appreciate and who you feel you know, or somebody who is a complete and total stranger, but has attractive pricing with shiny new products?

It’s not even close. Seriously. Sure, the low pricing is quite tempting, but you don’t know how that person would treat you. You know that they probably would treat you like a million bucks when it comes to sales, but what happens when something goes wrong?

This is why a lot of businesses, regardless of the fact that they are slower and cost a lot more money, are well loved. They know how to take care of their vendors, suppliers and customers. They know how to give off the right signals that build long-term trust.

Take more effort in being sensitive to your recipients’ needs and you will be rewarded many times over. Lose sight of this basic fundamental business fact and it’s only a matter of time until your business starts eroding. And the worst part to all of this is that you would not even have the first clue as to why things have gone south on you.

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