Lipstick Pipes
How Practical is a Lipstick Pipe?

Lipstick pipes are getting quite popular nowadays. With states like Washington, Colorado and California legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, more and more people are discovering the distinct charms and joys of a lipstick pipe.

There is nothing like watching a concert, listening to some great live reggae, and whipping out a lipstick pipe to enjoy some all-organic herbal goodness from Mother Earth.

The problem is, if you are smoking something that you may be legally entitled to but is still viewed with suspicion in certain circles, you want to be as discreet about it as possible. You have to employ a tremendous amount of stealth.

Again, this really doesn’t have anything to do with legality. It instead has more to do with people’s expectations as well as local customs and traditions in your area. If that’s the case, then you need to smoke in stealth so you will be able to smoke whenever you want and wherever you want. A little bit of stealth can definitely go a long way.

If you are using a piece of smoking equipment that looks like everyday items that you normally store in a bag, a backpack or fanny pack, you are in a good shape. But if you whip out something that is obvious or screams out to the world, “Hey, I’m a pipe and I’m smoking something I shouldn’t be smoking,” you might end up in all sorts of sticky situations.

Again, it may be legal in your jurisdiction, but if you attract unwanted attention, it can lead to all sorts of nasty drama. Who needs any of that? So do yourself a big favor, invest in smoking equipment that is hard to spot. A lipstick pipe, at least ideally, should fit the bill.

Unfortunately, this is not automatic. A lipstick pipe product can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are many different design parameters. There are many design considerations that manufacturers use when putting together their product, and this might lead to substandard or fairly obvious smoking equipment.

Sure, a product may be described or promoted as a “lipstick pipe,” but it might not be up to the job. It might not look like one, or it might not smoke like one. It might be too heavy, or there might be all sorts of problems.

Unfortunately, if you were just going to buy based on product description, then you might stand a chance of wasting your money. Believe me, it’s a headache filing for a refund or sending stuff back through the mail.

You don’t want to go through all that unnecessary hassle, so do yourself a big favor and pay attention to the following considerations. By going through these steps, you can rest assured that you would maximize your peace of mind when buying this type of product.

A Lipstick Pipe Can Be Your Ticket to a Stealth Smoke

If you need to smoke in a stealthy or in a hidden way, listen up. A lipstick pipe, theoretically, can do the job, but it must live up to its billing. That’s right. It must look, feel, operate and smell like a lipstick pipe. How do you know? Well, pay attention to the following.

First, it has to be small enough. Lipstick cases are very small. Accordingly, a pipe that is supposed to look like one has to be as small or slightly smaller. If it doesn’t look like a lipstick case, then you shouldn’t buy that product.

Next, it has to be light. You don’t want a nasty, heavy hunk of metal in your backpack or any other kind of carrying container. You don’t want it to weigh down your pants or weigh down your pocket or bag.

It also has to be compact. Usually, if you insist that the product look exactly like a lipstick case, then this should not be a problem, but a lot of people overlook this. It also has to be hard to spot. In other words, if I lay out lipstick cases and a lipstick pipe right in the middle of the cases, you should not be able to tell these items apart.

Finally, the item must be really easy to disassemble. Why is this a big deal? Well, you don’t want the smell of your pipe to give it away. If you buy a product that is hard to pull apart, you probably will get lazy because you know that it’s too much of a hassle to clean it, so you clean it less frequently and the smell begins to build up.

Well, it only takes one wrong move for you to find yourself in hot legal water because whatever legal authority was able to smell your pipe. Your pipe may look like a lipstick case, but it doesn’t matter. They smelled it, they requested you to open it and, lo and behold, they see the stuff that you’re not supposed to be smoking.

Pay attention to the following selection criteria so you can make sure that you end up with the very best product for your needs.

First of all, it has to have some sort of smell dampening feature. This can be a clean, easy to wipe down surface. This can also involve a chamber that is fairly insulated or fairly contained so the smell doesn’t get out.

Second, it must have quick heat diffusion. One of the worst ways to find out that you bought the wrong lipstick pipe is when you have to quickly hide it in your pants, only to burn yourself.

Heat diffusion is crucial because you’re heating a certain part of the pipe. You don’t want the whole pipe to heat up. You also don’t want the heated part to remain red hot for a long period of time. By maximizing heat diffusion, the pipe cools down fairly quickly so you can hide it or move it or do whatever you want with it without the risk of injuring yourself.

One crucial factor that you need to keep a laser focus on is the drawing power of the pipe. Now, a lot of manufacturers put such heavy emphasis on stealth that they lose sight of the core function of a pipe. You buy pipes because you want to smoke tobacco or any other organic material. That’s the bottom line.

And unfortunately, if you buy something that puts too much emphasis on stealth, you can bet that its drawing power tends to suffer. You huff and puff and you end up putting a lot of stress on your lungs only to get very minimal smoke. Talk about disappointing.

You’re looking for a buzz. You’re looking for a quick high. And unfortunately, the more you puff on something, the more you give yourself away. At the very least, it would make you look ridiculous because people are saying, “why is this person puffing on a lipstick case?”

Pay attention to its light weight, make sure that it comes in a compact size and, most importantly, insist that it be very easy to clean. If you lose sight of any of these, then you might end up with a worthless product. Seriously. Even if you try to use it, you end up risking arrest or embarrassment. So do yourself a big favor and pay close attention to the selection criteria I outlined above.

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