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What Makes Glass Pipes So Awesome?

Regardless of the kind of substances you smoke in your pipe, you probably already have a soft spot in your heart for glass pipes. You are hardly alone. In fact, ever since the invention of pipes, it seems, human beings have preferred glass tubular objects for smoking a wide variety of organic and not so organic materials.

So, What Makes Glass Pipes so Awesome

What gives? What is it about glass pipes that capture the imagination of the smoking public? What is it about these very interesting smoking implements and their wide variety of designs and sizes that many smoking aficionados find so compelling?

Well, glass pipes truly are a class of their own. Throughout history, human beings have always been looking for transparent items. They’ve been looking for translucent, durable items that show internal processes.

Whether you’re drinking stuff, storing food or smoking stuff, you’d like to see what’s going on in the container. This added level of transparency gives viewers some level of control.

You don’t feel that you are simply rolling the dice when you tip a vase to release some fluid. When you are looking at a glass container, you get to see whatever it is you’re about to receive. In other words, what you see is what you get.

This is a very empowering impression, and it’s no surprise that when people smoke a wide variety of substances from glass pipes, they reconnect with this sense of ownership, awareness and control. This all makes for the unique appeal of glass.

It doesn’t matter how thin the material is, it doesn’t matter how old the glass is, it doesn’t matter whether these glass pipes are made of simple designs or use convoluted, curlicues or almost baroque details. When people use glass instruments, all sorts of value signals flash to mind. In fact, you have to essentially stop yourself in your tracks to become fully aware of the wide range of value signals you are perceiving.

Now, let me clue you in on a simple fact. A lot of these are not actually signals being sent by the glass pipes you are checking out. Whether you’re smoking on them or thinking of buying them, they’re not actively sending out these signals. Nine times out of ten, you are just reading these into the glass pipes you are handling or inspecting.

Keep this in mind. This is somehow cultural, but a lot of it is also historical.

So what kind of signals do glass pipes tend to send out?


When was the last time you put your lips around something that was filthy, dirty and smelled nasty? Chances are, you would be embarrassed to name that time. It’s probably a time where you were not thinking clearly.

Maybe you were under the influence of alcohol. Maybe you were in a rush. But nine times of ten, when people are given a choice between putting their lips on a pipe that is squeaky clean and a pipe that is filthy and smelly, most people would prefer a clean smoking implement.

The funny thing about glass pipes is that even though they may be smelly and filthy, the fact that they are made out of glass gives them the impression of sterility. It feels like you’re handling something that came out of some sort of lab or hospital setting.

Again, this is all psychological. These are all signals that you read into the object, but these are powerful signals nonetheless.

Clinical Detail

When you’re looking at a glass pipe, especially ones that have very thin walls and of thin construction, you can’t help but associate that specially designed smoking implement with some sort of hospital setting or at least some sort of lab. The idea of clinical detail and clinical meticulous design is very comforting.

Which would you rather smoke substances from, a glass pipe that looks like it came straight out of a lab, or some smelly piece of wood that’s roughly carved or, worse yet, a piece of plastic whose origin you don’t know? This is a no-brainer because it all leads back to this idea of sterility.

Easy Clean Up

Glass is one of the easiest surfaces to clean up. This doesn’t need any further explanation. Easy clean up is a big factor when it comes to smoking implements because, hey, let’s face it, resins pile up. It doesn’t matter what kind of substance you are smoking, even if you are smoking plain old tobacco, tar can be a hassle to clean up.

Wide Array of Designs

Glass pipes come in a wide array of designs. It’s as if they were mutating every year. You can’t quite put your finger on them because they change in a wide number of ways. I’m not just talking about dramatic changes here, even the incremental changes are worth writing home about.

In other words, they’re fun. They’re never boring. You can keep buying collections of glass pipes and quickly run out of space because there’s enough design variation out there. This is due to the fact that glass is very easy to shape. It’s one of the most flexible and versatile materials used to make a wide variety of smoking implements.

Size Versatility

If you’re going out to a concert and you’re trying to sneak in stuff to smoke, you better bring a pipe that is very easy to hide. Size versatility is one of the best qualities pipes made out of glass bring to the table. You can go to any kind of social setting and enjoy yourself a nice smoke of tobacco or other substances without having to worry about drawing unwelcome attention from the authorities.

Surprising Durability

Given the tremendous versatility and flexibility of glass pipes, it really is quite mind boggling how durable modern glass is. Now, keep in mind that there are lots of pipes made out of glass that are very, very thin, very light, and extremely compact. Despite all those features, however, they can take quite a bit of punishment. Talk about surprisingly durable.

Amazing Weight Properties

Personally, one of the best selling points of pipes made out of glass is their ability to come in a large enough size without weighing you down. This enables you to enjoy pipes that are very easy to hide and have a compact form, while at the same doesn’t weigh down your backpack or your pocket. You don’t want to feel like you are walking around with several pounds of potatoes in your pants pocket.

Keep the tips above in mind when trying to wrap your mind around why glass pipes are so awesome. They are definitely popular. This popularity is due partially to the reasons listed above. There are many other reasons out there, but the ones listed above should give you enough of an idea as to why these types of pipes are not going to go away any time soon.

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